Media Archaeology Student Colloquium, April 5 2012

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Finally, the end of term has arrived! As you might know, this term I joined CS610 Media Archaeology, –mostly via Skype and this blog as I am still in Texas at the moment– a course over in the Communications Department at Wilfrid Laurier University. This was an excellent course, and I’m glad I took it in conjunction with the 5311-001 13 Cities: Urbanism and Archaeology at Texas Tech University. The result, for me, is a fantastic opening presentation (12pm EST) in which I try to cover ALL IN ONE IDIOSYNCRATIC GO: material semiotic resources, media archaeology, media in archaeological site-documentation methodologies, multimodality and design, documentary-fantasy film genre, urbanism, Winnipeg, Napflion, and discourse networks. You can read and comment on my abstract [HERE].

The colloquium will continue until 4pm with two breaks, and include other fantastic topics: Computer-assisted car racing, media ecology and extreme sports, Instagram, sensory experience and the properties of shower gel, skin and archival practice, animals and mediating technologies, the concept of play, Game boys, gender and mobile entertainment, and the media archaeology of the webcam.

You are all invited to our CS610 end-of-term colloquium: April 5, 2012 from 12-4pm, DAWB 1-101B at Wilfrid Laurier. We are all (those of us who are not still in Texas) going out afterwards for informal media/archaeology chatter and drinks, and you are more than welcome to join in!


See you there!


Advertisements {Three Cities}

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Link to an excerpt from my Three Cities project on { }.

June 9: Sudbury hypergraphic society book launch

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Roger Nash: The Camera and the Cobra and Other Stories

More information: [ click here ]

June 9, 7pm
Grand Ciel Bleu Bookstore
93 Durham Street
Sudbury Ontario

let’s visit other kinds of excavations/ reds:sands:textures

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{ Prince Edward Island }

let’s visit other kinds of excavations

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{ Fort McMurray, Alberta Oil Sands }

so I said fine, I will write you a poem, and read it too

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[ June 14, 2011, 7pm
Greater Sudbury Public Library
74 Mackenzie Street ]

In a hotel in Istanbul, an Archaeologist pleads with a man named memory

In the middle of the night
your hands guttered by firelight fall to your sides.

I have tried to remember
anything else but that swift motion
of dropping the silvered spade
in the sand, the weary point marking your absolution
against a fiery god, the downward descent
of sun and sulphurous silt.
But it is a desert here, to think of
how I fall to my knees in the earth again
every sunrise
after a night in this city,
after we’ve come from our desert empty-handed of
broken urns, drought-spun bergamot leaves
and oriental dreams and I ask you why
I am given to writing poems.

While you stand with your back to the window
hands felled, I light candles to raise
from the breaths of ancient things.

After that you clench your fists emptied
of the coins, the blue-green glass,
the tingle of silver on the floor
the hollow bone chime, and temple seeds
the loving insistence
that year after year the Alexandrine leaves
and I bring you its remembrance
in place of feathers.

And you say to me, your poems write
at a rate of one per year and
as if flighted
always to the man on the other side of Istanbul
through fifteen hundred years
of archaeological dusk and upturned
sand in your clenched hands, and all that comes falling
together in the earth is not us after all,

but in the morning I am on my knees.

post-TAG 2011 powerpoints etc. #2 Psychogeography

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{ This is the second of two }

“Three Cities: Thinking Through Embodied Archaeologies¬†with Experiments in Psychogeography”

Download the original paper [ HERE ]
Download the presentation not nearly verbatim in .PDF [ HERE ]
Download the powerpoint in .PDF [ HERE ]